IPO DETAILS : Bharat Road Network Ltd.
Mirania Gardens, 10B/1, Topsia Road (East), Kolkata, West Bengal - 700046
Phone: 44099140 Fax: 66023243

Public Issue of 29300000 Equity Shares of Rs 10.00 each for Cash at a Premium of Rs 195.00 per share.

Issue Open DateIssue Closing DateApplication MoneyAllotment Money
06/09/201708/09/2017205.00 -
Lead Managers Registrar Listed at
Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot No 31-32, Gachibowli, Financial Dist
Hyderabad, Telangana - 500032
Phone: 67162222 Fax: 23431551
Object of the issue

The Company proposes to utilise the funds which are being raised through the Issue, after deducting the Issue
related expenses (“Net Proceeds”), estimated to be approximately  [?] million, towards funding the following
objects (collectively, referred to herein as the “Objects”):

1. Advancing of subordinate debt in form of interest free unsecured loan to our Subsidiary, STPL, for part
financing of the STPL Project (“STPL Sponsor Investment”);

2. Acquisition of the subordinated debt in the form of unsecured loans/OCPIDs/warrants/OCDs, advanced/held
by SREI to/in STPL, KEPL and MTPL (“Identified SPVs”); and

3. General corporate purposes.

Promoted by

The Promoters of the Company are

1.Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited

2.Make in India Fund

1.Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited-SREI was originally incorporated by the name ‘Shri Radha Krishna Export Industries Limited’ on March 29, 1985 with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi and Haryana in accordance with the Companies Act, 1956 as a public limited company to undertake lease and hire purchase financing, bill discounting and manufacture and export of certain goods. SREI obtained its certificate of commencement of business on April 9, 1985. SREI’s name was changed from ‘Shri Radha Krishna Export Industries Limited’ to ‘Srei International Limited’ on May 29, 1992 and further changed to ‘Srei International Finance Limited’ with effect from April 12, 1994 to reflect its focus on financial services. The name of SREI was further changed from ‘Srei International Finance Limited’ to its existing name of ‘Srei Infrastructure Finance Limited’ on August 31, 2004, vide a fresh certificate of incorporation consequent on change of name issued by Registrar of Companies, West Bengal.

SREI was initially registered with RBI on August 1, 1998 as a deposit taking non-banking financial company. Thereafter, on May 15, 2007, SREI was classified as a deposit taking asset finance company and then converted itself into a non-deposit taking asset finance company on May 11, 2010. Presently, SREI has been registered with the RBI as an Infrastructure Finance Company (“IFC”) (NBFC-ND-SI) w.e.f March 31, 2011. Further, on September 26, 2011 SREI was notified as a Public Financial Institution by the MCA vide notification bearing reference no. G.S.R. No. 2223(E) issued under Section 4A of the Companies Act, 1956 (now Section 2(72) of the
Companies Act, 2013).

SREI provides financial products and services for the customers engaged in infrastructure development and construction, with focus on power, road, telecom, port, oil and gas & special economic zone sectors in India with medium to long term perspective. SREI’s equity shares are presently listed on the NSE, the BSE and the Calcutta
Stock Exchange Limited.

As on date of this Red Herring Prospectus, SREI holds 16,630,000 Equity Shares, representing 30.43 % of the pre-Issue paid-up capital of our Company.

The promoter of SREI is Mr. Hemant Kanoria.

The board of directors of SREI as on the date of this Red Herring Prospectus comprises the following:
1. Mr. Hemant Kanoria
2. Mr. Sunil Kanoria
3. Mr. Srinivasachari Rajagopal
4. Mr. Shyamalendu Chatterjee
5. Dr. Punita Kumar Sinha
6. Dr. Tamali Sengupta
7. Mr. T.C.A. Ranganathan
8. Mr. Ram Krishna Agarwal

2.Make in India Fund – A scheme of Manufacturing Value Addition Fund (“Make in India Fund”)

Manufacturing Value Addition Fund has been organised as a contributory trust under the provisions of the Indian Trust Act, 1882 and has been registered with SEBI as an Alternative Investment Fund (Category I – Venture Capital Fund) under the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012 vide a certificate of registration dated December 13, 2012. Make in India Fund is a scheme of the Manufacturing Value Addition Fund with a target corpus of Rs.500.00 million with a green shoe option of another Rs.500.00 million for investing in entities engaged primarily in sectors such as the IT & ITes Sector, e-commerce, manufacturing, services, electronic, biotechnology, agriculture sector, infrastructure sector including power, pharmaceuticals and defence sector. Mr. Raghunath Ghose is the trustee of the Make in India Fund. Make in India Fund is managed by SAIML, a wholly owned subsidiary of SREI having its registered office at Vishwa Karma, 86C Topsia Road (S), Kolkata, West Bengal – 700 046.

The board of directors of SAIML currently comprises the following:
i. Shashi Bhushan Tiwari;
ii. Chandra Shekhar Samal;
iii. Susil Kumar Pal; and
iv. Sanjeev Sancheti.
The current term of the Make in India Fund is for 20 years commencing from September 25, 2015 with an option of extending the tenure by a further period of two years (two extensions of one year each).