IPO DETAILS : Arihant Institute Ltd.
201-202, Ratna High Street, 2nd Floor, Nr. Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380013
Phone: 27683113

Public Issue of 2500000 Equity Shares of Rs 10.00 each for Cash at a Premium of Rs 20.00 per share.

Issue Open DateIssue Closing DateApplication MoneyAllotment Money
23/05/201828/05/201830.00 -
Lead Managers Registrar Listed at
Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.
Karvy Selenium Tower B,
Plot 31-32, Gachibowli,, Financial District, Nanakramguda
Hyderabad, Telangana - 500032
Phone: 67162222 Fax: 23001153
Object of the issue

This Issue is being undertaken to meet the objects, as set forth herein, and to realize the benefits of listing of the Equity Shares on Stock Exchanges, which in the opinion would enhance the Company's visibility, brand name and enable us to avail of future growth opportunities. The other Objects of the Issue also include creating a public trading market for the Equity Shares of the Company by listing them on BSE SME Platform.

The Proceeds from the Issue are proposed to be utilized by the Company for the following objects:

1. Training Centre Expansion,
2. Technical Infrastructure -Servers & Studio, Portal and Content Development,
4. Branding and Marketing,
5. Corporate Office Restructuring,
6. General corporate purpose,
7. IPO related expense.

Project Cost
(₹ in Crs.)

Means of Finance
(₹ in Crs.)

Promoted by

The Promoters of the Company are Mr. Sandip Vinodray Kamdar, Mr. Vinodray Keshavlal Kamdar, Mrs. Anjali Sandipbhai Kamdar and Mrs. Madhuben Vinodray Kamdar

1. Mr. Sandip Vinodray Kamdar : he is the Founder and Promoter of Arihant Institute Limited. He is a qualified Cost Accountant (1995 batch) and Chartered Accountant (1996 batch). He is a visionary educationist who has dedicated 20 years of his life to build careers of 2000+ Chartered Accountants and 250+ Company Secretaries. Out of the 2000+ CAs he has trained, 200+ were national rank holders. He is also leveraging his expertise to train ACCA and CPA candidates. He has built a strong educational network and spread his expertise across the length and breadth of the country through 53 franchisees centers during 2011 to 2015. During his career, He has initiated Satellite Learning Programs in AIPL way back in 2008 and E Library and E Learning by creating content and data in digital mode during 2014 to

This digital initiatives & content in servers of recorded lectures and educational material has made possible to reach the student for education and guidance in diverse professional ctheses on national level.

He is a distinguished alumnus of H.L. College of Commerce, Ahmadabad, Gujarat. His efforts have been recognized by Indian Achievers‘ Forum in the area of Educational Excellence and also by All India Achievers as „Arch of Excellence?. He is a renowned Subject Matter Expert on Accounts, Costing and Financial Management. He is also
actively involved in social initiatives through Trust PaPa, Jain Kanya Chhatralaya, and various NGOs as visiting faculty on vocational guidance. He has been Chairman at Educational Committee of Ahmadabad Chapter of JITO.

He has strategically put together a team of young, experienced and qualified individuals in the key management personnel for exponential growth and scaling new heights of the organization. In addition to the same, his strong experience will be better leveraged as a torch bearer and guiding force for the future planning of new initiatives and new business development.

Pan : ABAPK6703K

Passport Number : H8192460

Nationality : Indian

Bank A/C Details State Bank of India; A/c No.:-30062847010

E.C. Voter Id No.; CLJ2520815

Driving License Number : 98/12795

2. Mr. Vinodray Keshavlal Kamdar : he is the father of Sandeep Kamdar, founder of AIL. His value-based lifestyle and years of experience has been pivotal to the growth and success of the organization. He has been the key person in laying the foundation stone of AIL as an enabler of education sector. He has been a patriarchal figure in the institute and the go-to person for all the employees for any guidance and solutions to the problems.

Pan : ADGPK8140G

Passport Number : G9048861

Nationality : Indian

Bank A/C Details State Bank of India; A/c No.:-30248769979

E.C. Voter Id No.; GJ/11/067/199105

Driving License Number : GJ01-108231-00

3. Mrs. Anjali Sandipbhai Kamdar : she is promoter of Arihant Institute Limited. She is the Student Engagement Officer of the company. Her Home Science Expertise has been put to productive use as Home Science is the education for "better living". She has been the core ideology driver for providing a homely ecosystem to the institute and improved student success ratio over the years. She has also been involved with the company as a counselor for the past 10 years. She is an avid DMIT expert and is going to be spearhead the new initiatives Brain mapper for student career counseling and Rephrase for HR Restructuring within companies that will enable to employ the right man for the job and also training them in a way that shall enable them to perform better.

Pan : AFUPK7823A

Passport Number : H8192461

Nationality : Indian

Bank A/C Details State Bank of India; A/c No.:-30248565524

E.C. Voter Id No.; CLJ252083

Driving License Number : 99/M/3963

4. Mrs. Madhuben Vinodray Kamdar : she is the mother of Sandeep Kamdar, founder of AIL. She is a silent contributor to the organization and has been a well-wisher for AIL. She has always inculcated and strived educational excellence amongst the society and is a key pillar for the growth of AIL.

Pan : AHBPK1909Q

Passport Number : G9265274

Nationality : Indian

Bank A/C Details State Bank of India; A/c No.:-30248761471

E.C. Voter Id No.; GJ/11/067/199104

Driving License Number : 6591 2506 3558