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Basis Of Allotment

You can view various company's IPO Basis Of Allotment.

Company NameIssue TypeFace ValuePremiumIssue OpenIssue Close
Sumit Woods Ltd. Public Issue 103529/08/201831/08/2018
Marshall Machines Ltd. Public Issue 103228/08/201830/08/2018
Add-Shop Promotions Ltd. Public Issue 101621/08/201830/08/2018
Aaron Industries Ltd. Public Issue 102820/08/201824/08/2018
Powerful Technologies Ltd. Public Issue 104109/08/201814/08/2018
Sungold Media and Entertainment Ltd. Public Issue 10009/08/201814/08/2018
Deep Polymers Ltd. Public Cum Of...103008/08/201813/08/2018
CreditAccess Grameen Ltd. Public Cum Of...1041208/08/201810/08/2018
Saketh Exim Ltd. Public Cum Of...105901/08/201803/08/2018
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. Public Issue 5109525/07/201827/07/2018
Ushanti Colour Chem Ltd. Public Issue 105023/07/201825/07/2018
Ganesh Films India Ltd. Public Issue 107016/07/201818/07/2018
Ambani Organics Ltd. Public Cum Of...105606/07/201810/07/2018
Rudrabhishek Enterprises Ltd. Public Issue 103129/06/201805/07/2018
Ganga Forging Ltd. Public Issue 101129/06/201803/07/2018
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